Have you noticed something different about our Weped logo?

You might not have noticed but its official! Weped is now a registered trademark in Australia. What does this mean for Weped in Australia?

The stopping of infringing import goods at the border. Such as Chinese fake Wepeds.

It means that any infringing Weped copies or any genuine Weped products arriving into Australia without express permission from the trademark owner, we can now have the Australian Border Force seize the infringing imported goods at the border and destroy the stock.

The offending importer will have the option to have the stock seized at the border and destroyed or if they do continue to import the products, they will be met with immediate legal action to have the imported goods stopped from being released in Australia. Once the legal action has finalized the Australian Border Force will destroy the stock at the border.

Good bye fake Chinese Wepeds!

The Australian buying public is now protected from fraudulent, non genuine Weped products.

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