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Frequently asked questions

My scooter feels strange or is making a noise?

We give your scooter an "out of the box" full checklist check and test before re-boxing and shipping to you. On arrival first of all check and adjust your brakes and choose your preferred "ebrake setting" in your P settings. Everyone has their own personal brake settings level of comfort. Go through the "P" settings pdf file under "downloads" read this file and understand what each "P" setting does so you can tailor the scooter to suit your style of riding. I personally dont like a "jerky throttle" or a weak feeling brake so I adjust the "P" settings to my style and level of comfort and adjust the brakes until I am happy with the level of grip on the brake pads. If something is feeling wrong - dont panic. Most of the time its a simple tweak. You can ask the Weped facebook communities for advice, most of those owners know the answers to your questions. You can also contact us for advice. We hold many spare parts if something major does go wrong, dont worry it is fixable. Wepeds are designed to be customised and they are easy to dismantle if necessary.

What do I need to do to keep my scooter maintained?

Regularly check the bolts, they dont often come lose but they can. Adjust your brakes from time to time to your level of comfort. Relocate your finger controls on the steering bar so when riding your easily able to activate throttle, brake levers and your bell. Check your tyre pressures every few weeks, pressure guides are under each scooters listing details. Most ideal pressures are around 35psi. Wipe down your scooter and keep it clean from time to time. We all like that brand new look. You can wash your scooter depending on its IP rating - see each listing and the blog for information on IP ratings and what they mean. Grease components that might be making riding sounds - it works!

What is your repair, replacement or refund policy?

We backup the products that we sell! We place ourselves in your shoes, and imagine how you feel if you were not being helped by a seller, if you experienced a product issue or failure. Its not a nice feeling to be overlooked and left on your own. This is why we follow the Australian ACCC consumer laws and abide by them. We want to be here for the long term and grow with your help and your recommendations in the community. Below is our repair, replacement and refund policy based on Australian consumer laws. Repair, replacement or refund You are not entitled under the Australian ACCC guidelines to a repair, replacement or refund if you simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else or decided you did not like the product or had no use for it. ​Minor problems ​Weped may choose to give you a free repair instead of a replacement or refund. ​Major problems ​Weped will offer you a replacement or refund. The choice will be yours to choose. What is considered a major problem? A Weped product has a major problem when it has a problem that would have stopped you from buying the product if you had known about it. Or the product is significantly different from the sample/demo or description. Or the product is substantially unfit for its common purpose and cant easily be fixed within a reasonable time. Or the product doesn't do what you asked for and cant easily be fixed within a reasonable time or the product is simply unsafe. ​Repairs ​If the problem is a minor issue with the product, you must accept a free repair. If Weped fails to give you a free repair within a reasonable time or we cannot fix your problem, you can ask us for a replacement or refund. ​Replacements & refunds ​You can ask us for a replacement or refund if a problem with a product is major. Replaced products will be of an identical type to the product originally supplied. Refunds will be at the same amount you already paid and in the same form as your original payment if possible. ​Returning your product to Weped ​The customer is responsible for returning the product if it can be posted, couriered or easily returned. You do not have to return the product in its original packaging in order to get a refund. If the product is found not to have a problem, you will be required to pay inspection costs. An estimate of these costs will be provided to you before the product is received by Weped or one of its authorised dealers. ​Returning your product to an authorised Weped dealer. ​The retailer who sold you the product or service cannot refuse to help you by sending you to Weped. You can approach Weped directly, however, you will only be entitled to recover costs from the dealer. You cannot demand a refund, repair or replacement from Weped.